iServices/iCardServices issue
We are very sorry that you are having difficulties, but you have confused our company with another one with a similar name.
Unfortunately, this situation happens several times a week and we get angry phone calls or e-mails that are inappropriately directed at us.  As a result, we have compiled some information to help you out with your situation and point you to the correct company.
Here is what most likely has happened:
You applied for a "Impact Card" or "VIP Advantage Card" credit card.  Hidden in the fine print was a statement that this card is a secured credit card and that there is a monthly fee for being a member.  You also agreed to these conditions when you sent in the application along with your bank account information.
Now you are probably seeing a withdrawal from your bank account of $159/mo.  You may have asked your bank for clarification on the source of the charge.  The only piece of information the bank was able to provide to you was a phone number.  You called the number and most likely got a recording. (If you reached an actual operator, consider yourself very lucky)  Somewhere in this recording, you were referred to a website.  The website you were directed to was not, which is my website.  Please re-call the number and listen to the recording again, carefully.
In your desperation to find a resolution to your problem, you incorrectly visited my website,, and got my company's contact information.  You then made either an angry phone call or sent an angry e-mail to me, which is why I am responding.
We hope that this clears up the confusion.
With that being said...we hate this company.  Their fraudulent activity has caused us nothing but grief and negatively impacts our company's name.  So we have compiled as much information about this company as we can find.  I hope that it will help you come to some resolution on this issue.  Here it is:

iCard Services
    2320 NE 9th St.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
    (866) 630-3757
    (954) 630-3757
    8am-10pm EST
    Better Business Bureau record:
icardservices = "Impact Card Services"
To view complaints from others, and how they solved their issue, visit:
VIP Advantage Card (
    The prepaid card is issued by Four Oaks Bank & Trust Company
    Marketed by Secure Deposit Card, Inc. under agreement with
       Four Oaks Bank & Trust Company, North Carolina
       Tel: (818) 487-0672. E-mail: 
          5301 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
          Valley Village, CA 91607-2736
          (818) 487-0672
    Terms & Conditions:
    Fraud report at:

Impact Card (
       Marketed by Secure Deposit Card, Inc. under agreement with issuing bank.
       Four Oaks Bank & Trust Company, NC is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse,
       any products other than the debit card shown and mentioned within their web site.
       For questions about the card or their site please contact them at 1-866-630-3757
       or visit 
    Terms & Conditions:
    Fraud report at:

DNS Records (might get you additional contact info):
Four Oaks Fincorp, Inc.
    6114 US 301 S.
    Four Oaks, NC 27524
    (919) 963-2177 phone
    (919) 963-2768 fax
    Better Business Bureau record:

We hope this information helps.
Best Regards,
Forrest C. Shields II
President,, LLC
(719) 302-2483